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Search Google News for selected text

Searches Google News for selected text. You'll be prompted to enter
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Search Google Images for selected text

Searches Google Images for selected text. You will be prompted to
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Quick Compose on Windows Live Hotmail

Compose mail quickly on hotmail by clicking this bookmarklet. You will be
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Lighten the dark and dim webpages.

Lightens the dark and dim webpages with bright white light making it
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Know the UserAgent(UA) of your browser

Displays the User Agent (UA) of your current web browser
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Search Bing for selected text

Search for selected text. You'll be prompted for a text if nothing is selected.
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Search Yahoo for selected text

A bookmarklet similar to Search on Google bookmarklet which searches
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Convert the webpages to more readable format

Convert the webpages to easy readable format by removing all the annoying
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