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Auto-Scroll a webpage!

These bookmarklets automatically scrolls a webpage at your desired speeds, so that you can read without using your hands.
Works Offline? - Yes!
Note: To stop scrolling, Reload/Refresh the page.

1.To Scroll the webpage at less speeds:
                                        Auto-Scroll Page(Too slow)

2.To Scroll the webpage Slowly:
                                        Auto-Scroll Page(Slow)

3.To Scroll the webpage Fastly:

4.To Scroll the webpage even faster:
                                       Auto-Scroll Page(Very Fast)

5.Scroll at your desired speeds:
Note:1 for lowest-speed. To increase the speed, increase the number. To stop scrolling, Click the bookmarklet again and select 0.



  1. Would love to know how to modify this so that it would scroll the whole page and then start again from the top

  2. can you fix it ? i try it on opera browser in facebook page please edit this code

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