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How to Enable night mode to webpages!

Night mode is useful for reading long time at night. Enable/Disable night mode
simply by clicking this bookmarklet.
Works Offline - Yes!
                                                              Night Mode on/off



  1. it renders nicely. but then you hover over some coloumn or whatever and discover it Doesn't support hover elements, darn.
    i get that it's probably done on purpose--with the small elements it looks real nice. but then we have..--and oh, second tier table elements..

    one that does do the job--albeit a bit less support and a whole bit more crude:{var%20newSS,%20styles=%27*%20{background:black%20!important;%20color:grey%20!important;}%20:link,%20:link%20*%20{color:%23ddddff%20!important;}%20:visited,%20:visited%20*%20{color:%23ddffdd%20!important;}%27;%20if%28document.createStyleSheet%29%20{document.createStyleSheet%28%22javascript:%27%22+styles+%22%27%20%22%29;}%20else%20{newSS=document.createElement%28%27link%27%29;%20newSS.rel=%27stylesheet%27;%20newSS.href=%27data:text/css,%27+escape%28styles%29;%20document.getElementsByTagName%28%22head%22%29[0].appendChild%28newSS%29;}}%29%28%29; that was even a url first is beyond me.

    but thanks! i shall use the both =))

    1. I didn't find any difference between both bookmarklets except the color of the links. But, Our bookmarklet comes with both ON & OFF options. Anyways, Thanks for visiting. :)

  2. They have some small difference, the best is to use the 2 you will have the best of both worlds :)


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