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Know the UserAgent(UA) of your browser

Displays the User Agent (UA) of your current web browser
Works Offline? - Yes!
                                                               Whats my UA?



  1. Is it possible to change the userAgent for a specific window in a bookmarklet? Essentially, I'm trying to create search bookmarklets for personal use that pop up a webpage in a small window for quick reference. Naturally, a mobile (Android, iOS) optimised wbepage works best here. For websites that still redirect to an subdomain after checking the user agent once, this is easy as pie, but for sites that check the user agent per request, I can't seem to do a thing.


    1. No, you can't manipulate useragent that way. However, you can always change the useragent for specific site from the console (hit F12) of the browser. Hope that helps. :)


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