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How to Install a Bookmarket on Internet Explorer?

Installing bookmarklet on IE is almost similar to that in Mozilla Firfox.

1.If you can see the Favorites bar(as shown below) at the top of your Internet Explorer browser skip this step, else, click Alt + v + t +f to display it. (Alternativeky, you can right click on the top of the browser and select Favorites bar.)


Awesome JS
Once the bookmarks toolbar is displayed,Click and hold the bookmarklet button (above) with the left-mouse button and drag it all the way to the bookmarks bar on top.
3.The installation is finished. Now by clicking the bookmarklet(you just installed) in your bookmarks bar, you should be able to reach the homepage of this blog.
Similarly, You can install any bookmarklet by holding and dragging it to your bookmarks bar.
4.For uninstalling any bookmarklet, simply right click on the desired bookmarklet and select delete.


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